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Story Post Cards - Add Your Own Picture

Story Post Cards - Add Your Own Picture

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Send a memorable message or story in your own voice!  Our Story Postcards let you record a story or message and send it in a colorful greeting card.  Add your own photo, your recipient's photo, or a favorite picture or scene to your cards! 

Get a box of 10 or 30 to send memories, inspirational stories, or affirming messages to your friends, partner, parents, children, or grandchildren! They'll love to open an envelope, see your face, and hear your voice.

With Story Post Cards, you're just a quick scan away from sharing a great story!  Just scan the QR code on the back of the card. Record your message and send it to the recipient.  All they need to do is to scan the QR code again to listen to your message!  You can make your message more private by adding a secret question and password or code word when you make your recording.

Record a song, a poem, joke, and story.....make your cards even more memorable!

Our cards coated on the front and matte finish on the back. They are 7" x 5" and include envelopes.
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