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My Stories, My World: A Grandpa's Guided Journal

My Stories, My World: A Grandpa's Guided Journal

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Our guided journals help grandparents tell more than just their life stories. We let you provide your children and grandchildren with unforgettable history lessons. Your descriptions and messages enable your family to see how you were part of the major events that have shaped our world.

Our journal’s vivid illustrations and historical story prompts make it easy for you to tell your stories.  You’ll hear, “Wow, I never knew that!” “You remember watching that live?” “Grandpa did that?!!” “Where was Grandma when that happened?” You’ll get your grandchildren thinking about how it felt to listen to great leaders, learn about major victories and terrible tragedies, and try new products (that they take for granted) for the first time. You’ll have space to tell your children about who and what influenced you – and why.

Our guided journal provides sections on your family background, a family tree, and an ancestry map. You can sketch your genealogy and show how you and your ancestors connect your children to important places and moments in history.








For Families

My Stories, My World guided journals help families tighten connections between grandparents and their grandchildren. Our journals create fun, structured ways for grandchildren to ask questions or interview Grandma and Grandpa. Each journal’s historical memory prompts provide a springboard for a broad range of discussions about important events that shaped your family experience. Grandparents also can use their stories to illustrate lessons and values that will become a lasting legacy for future generations.


For Communities, Churches, and Schools

Our guided journal makes an interactive tool for project-based learning in schools and community organizations. Here are just a few ways that you can use our journals to create powerful, inter-generational learning experiences:

Schools – Use our journals for class projects that enable students to connect their family experiences to a broad range of history and social studies topics. The journals’ colorful illustrations, timeline, and history prompts enable students to explore how major events, people, and places affected their families across the 20th century.

Community Service Projects – Students can use our journals to create unique contributions to volunteer experiences at senior activity centers and assisted living facilities.

Faith-based Groups – Churches, synagogues, and faith-based organizations can use our journals to capture, record, and share the experiences of elder members of their communities.


What's Inside

Nearly 200 writing prompts. More than 100 history cues covering seven decades! A family tree. A journey map and an illustrated life milestones timeline. 

  1. How to Use this Journal
  2. My Place in History
  3. My Journeys -- with illustrated journey map!
  4. My Early Years
  5. The World in My Early Years
  6. Moments in History: 1940s
  7. Moments in History: 1950s
  8. My Teen Years
  9. Moments in History 1960s
  10. Moments in History 1970s
  11. My Adult Years
  12. The World in My Adult Years
  13. Moments in History: 1980s
  14. Moments in History: 1990s
  15. My Middle Age Years
  16. The World in My Middle Age Years
  17. Moments in History: 2000s
  18. My Later Years
  19. The World in My Later Years
  20. Lessons and Hopes to Share






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